Introducing FindZebra

The search engine for difficult medical cases.


The term "zebra" is a medical slang for a surprising diagnosis. Physicians are taught since medical school to concentrate on the more common diseases: "when you hear a gallop, you should think about a horse, not a zebra". FindZebra is designed to help in those cases when the equine turns out to be a zebra.

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There are close to 7,000 rare diseases recognized by rare disease organizations. We index over 31,000 documents covering rare and genetic diseases from 10 reputable sources. Given the number of rare diseases and rate of publication, we think FindZebra is a good companion for medical professionals.

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FindZebra is fast, intuitive, and simple to use, with an interaction modeled on familiar web search engines. We strive to accomodate the busy medical professionals through the optional clustering of search results by medical condition and the availability of a mobile version accessible on phones and tablets.

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